You Are A Mortician In This Upcoming Game About Death

"Death positive" was a term I'd never heard before I saw the trailer for upcoming indie game A Mortician's Tale. It describes the movement to embrace and understand death instead of fearing and hiding from it. For morticians, the philosophy isn't exactly voluntary.

In A Mortician's Tale, you're a mortician prepping corpses and soothing the loved ones those corpses left behind. Developer Laundry Bear, who put out 2015's Trackoons, describes A Mortician's Tale as "an informative (and sometimes humorous) look at the current state of and the future of the western death industry". It has an original soundtrack and pastel purple art that drives home its non-emo approach to death.

The game is slated for late autumn/early winter of this year. You can catch it on Steam (PC/Mac). It looks like a mind-opener!


    I really am looking forward to this now and want to pre-order this as a gift for my wife. But I always cringe when one of the first descriptions for a game is a social/cultural buzzword. Whether the cringe is justified or not, it's programmed in me now.

    ...and pastel purple art that drives home its non-emo approach to death.Next to blue, isn't purple a popular hair colour for emo kids?

    I'm kind of interested to see what this game brings to the table. A lot of games treat death as something to be feared or try to edge around it with euphemisms or being melodramatic. Necrobarista is another game I'm hoping will be a shift towards better handling of death and loss in games.

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