Alcoholism Saves Rick And Morty From A Face Hugger In Alien: Covenant Crossover

You know what they say, kids: Don't use drugs. That is, unless it would save you from getting killed by an alien.

Adult Swim recently shared a Rick and Morty video promoting Alien: Covenant, with the space-travelling duo (reluctantly) answering a distress call from the Covenant after it was infested by aliens. Rick is immediately attacked by a face hugger, only for it to immediately die from second-hand alcohol and drug poisoning.

Lesson learned, folks... alcoholism might be a horrible disease, but at least it will protect you from aliens. Sadly, it couldn't protect Alien: Covenant from being a bad movie.

Alien: Covenant May Be The Biggest Disappointment Of Winter

Here's a sentence I'm just incredibly sad to type. Alien. Covenant is bad.

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Rick and Morty returns with season 3 sometime later this winter.


    Was a little cringe at the start, but I still dig it.

    And, try to ignore the DP artwork on the wall behind them from 13 seconds onwards :P

    Cool so the title of the article ruins the punchline, well done.

    Don't do jokes well, do you Beth?

    Bloody hell. Who hires these muppets?

      The ship wasn't the Covenant, either. It was a SEJ.

      i think they are whats left of gwaker and jezebel staff after recieving the Hulkster's legal Leg Drop

    Kinda sick of Kotaku forcing this "Covenant is bad" meme. Let me at least see it myself before ragging on it. This article would've done just as well without it.

    Last edited 17/05/17 2:22 am

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