For One Issue Only, James Bond's Moneypenny Gets Her Own Comic Book

Up until the recent Daniel Craig movies, in the eyes of many Moneypenny has always been the secretary Bond flirts with on his way to a new adventure, rather than an action hero in her own right. Dynamite's excellent Bond comic series wants to alter that perception by giving MI6's finest some time in the spotlight.

Image: Dynamite Entertainment. Art by Tula Lotay.

The Bond comics, like Naomi Harris' take on the character for Skyfall and SPECTRE, have re-imagined Moneypenny as more than just M's trusty secretary — she also happens to be his personal bodyguard, and every bit as kickarse as 007 himself can be. But a new one shot comic by Jody Houser and Jacob Edgar, James Bond: Moneypenny, will dive deeper into the character, to see what makes her tick in a world of high-octane spy action both at and beyond her desk in M's office.

It isn't the first time Ian Fleming's estate has approved of a Moneypenny solo adventure — the character starred in a trilogy of novels released between 2005 and 2008 by Samantha Weinberg (writing under the name Kate Westbrook, Moneypenny's "editor" within the fiction of the series). But still, it's cool to see the character get to step out of Bond's shadow again, even if it's only for a single issue... for now, at least. Who knows, maybe Moneypenny could get her own series alongside Bond in the future?

James Bond: Moneypenny is set to hit shelves August 30. [THR]



    This article was a delightful series of surprises.

    There are Bond comics?
    Money penny gets her own comic?
    She's not a secretary?!
    She's black?!
    The article didn't smosh the last fact in my face like I'd hate it?!

    Where am I, what day is this?!
    Everything about this is awesome!

      The comics from over a year ago were pretty good (and sold decently too)
      Money Penny was a black agent in the reboots.

    Is this really Moneypenny though?

    Take character X, give character X a different gender, give character x a new race, give character x a new job. What have you got? Character Y.

    Character X is still sitting there, shaking their head.

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