More Incredible Cardboard Art From Japan

Monami Ohno is a Japanese cardboard artist. Kotaku has previously featured her work, and since then, she's continued to churn out amazing creations.

[Image: mbrid02]

Her work continues to show an amazing attention to detail, while some are larger in scale.

去年の8月に作ったやつ! #Cardboard #ダンボール It was made in 2015, cardboard.

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This Mechagodzilla is nuts. 

See? Incredible!

So is this DeLorean.

Ohno studied art at university, and her cardboard work has been shown in exhibitions in Japan.

Don't you love that the sign is done in cardboard, too?

Ohno has also appeared on Japanese TV.

She holds workshops so others can enjoy creating with cardboard.   


    Painted, some would pass for the real thing from a distance.

    I'm at a loss for words to describe how impressive I find this.

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