Apple Fanboys Are Getting Trolled By The NSW Police Force

It's well documented that NSW's Police Force Facebook page is a place for dank memes and pithy takedowns.

But this time they've gone too far.

It started with this brutal blow, masked as a way to alert people to a new initiative alerting people to the dangers of ransomware.

But let's be real, it was just a way to rip the absolute piss.

Of course, things escalated.

Welcome to 2017, where even the police force is staffed by shitposting memelords.


    Brilliant. Honestly the only things that make me smile daily online are Life of Pikelet and NSW Police Page, with God running in at third. Combined they help drown out the sea of gamers being upset at X game devs doing Y badness and the truly terrible misogynist (and users of SJW) brigade that (think they) rule the roost.

      Im not sure if I should be annoyed or compliment you.

      It doesn't matter the subject, you can always angle it back to the same talking points.

    I love that they've become such wonderful shitlords lol

    What's the joke? I don't get it

      its meant to be a patronising meme

        Ok so no actual joke..

        Don't apple fanboys troll themselves daily by being Apple fanboys?

          you are correct and viewing them for pleasure is easily accomplished by a short walk.... anywhere...
          that's what i love about them, they're so accessible

            the hunger games will begin soon.... we will offer them

          I'm an Apple fanboy and I still approve of this message.

    I've seen the meme. Didn't understand it. Google helps:

      Visited link. Still don't understand it.

        vIsItEd LiNk. sTiLl dOn'T uNdERstAnD iT.

    For those who aren't getting it, the link below the meme is to an article about ransome targeting OSX.

    Uncritically enjoying police propaganda on Facebook is 2017's version of licking the boot.

      Ha, I didn't think that deserved a downvote.

      It's a fair point to consider the the implications given the popular use of savvy social media presence for PR and the realism of law enforcement.

      It's all fun and games till your being Rick-rolled by an LRAD cannon in a peaceful protest.
      (Yes, they use those in Aus)

        It's very white and middle class to be able to find the police friendly. So totally appropriate for a video game blog.

    Why upset Mark? It's accurate. The amount of morons who think they're safe from virii cause they use Mac is terrifying.

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