NCsoft Launches A Slightly Different Sort Of MOBA

NCsoft Launches A Slightly Different Sort Of MOBA

Launched today in Europe and North America, Master X Master (MXM) is an free-to-play PC action MOBA featuring WASD movement and a tag system that lets players bring their choice of two NCsoft all-star champions (Masters) into the arena at once, swapping them out on the fly.

It’s hard to get excited for a new MOBA these days, but MXM has a few cool things going for it. The tag system sounds cool and should make for some really exciting gameplay moments between people much better at multiplayer arena games than I.

It also features a cast of beloved characters from more interesting NCsoft games, such as City of Heroes‘ Statesman, Poharan from Blade & Soul and that one guy from that thing.

Plus it has mini-games. What the hell is going on here?

Here is an informative overview of how the game is played.

And here is a much less informative cinematic launch trailer.

Interested in giving it a go? Hit up the official MXM website and download the PC client for free.


  • Ah, NCSoft. They’re like that friend that always shows up late to parties even though nobody invited him, and tries unsuccessfully to get people interested in weird off-brand snacks from east European countries that don’t exist any more.

  • Statesman… hey adult gamer remember that IP we ran into the ground a popular MMO before WoW, here is the lead character (the alter ego of the lead original developer) Our failure by letting staff go, erroding the game to a poorly planned f2p out of poor business model to compete with WoW by sweeping all our titles under one corporate banner while cutting US and EU development and support… and then just cancelled the title after the staff we let go built a competing superhero MMO (for Marvel but missed development milestones and lost the IP) and made it a free2play based on a superhero board game no ones heard of and still did better than us… well hope you remember and heres your All american Superhero clone of a dead IP.

  • The PvE mode sounds intersting for those of us who enjoy the moba concept but don’t have the time to git gud and don’t like either getting stomped or the toxicity that comes from MP

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