Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation Logo Is A Terrible Choice For A Skin Clinic

In Ho Chi Minh City, a clinic was reportedly surprised to learn its logo looked exactly like Umbrella Corporation's emblem from Resident Evil

The Medcare Skin Centre logo popped up website Geek Culture's Facebook page, before infecting Reddit

[Image: official site]

This is the clinic's official site.

And the actual clinic.

[Image: official site | Geek Culture]

The logo makes everything sinister.

[Image: alobacsi]

[Image: official site | Geek Culture]

Medcare Skin Centre apparently had no idea, writing on its Facebook page that it was "also very surprised by this coincidence". 


    their logo designer probably laughed all the way to the bank

    I mean, are we sure that this isn't viral marketing for some new RE property? Because it's too perfect otherwise.

      I'd say their graphic designer just ripped the logo off Google Images and called it a day. Using an umbrella for skin care isn't exactly a novel concept.

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