A Toyota 86 Fit For A Japanese Superhero 

[Photo: M-78]

Japan's biggest superhero Ultraman is no stranger to cars. In the early 1970s, Return of Ultraman featured a rotary engine-powered Mazda Cosmo Sports. Now, there's a Ultraman-themed Toyota 86 going on sale in Japan.

The Ultraman-themed Toyota 86 is called "M78x86." M78 refers to Nebula M78, which is the home of the Ultras. The car was on display earlier this year at the Tokyo Auto Salon and the Osaka Auto Messe.

All the interior and exterior styling is done in an Ultraman-inspired M78x86 theme.

According to AnimeAnime, the built-to-order M78x86 is now going on sale, with six-speed manual decked out in the full Ultra kit priced at 3,514,200 yen ($US31,585 ($39,797)), while the automatic is 3,576,200 yen ($US32,128 ($40,481)). The "Limited" version with the full kit is 3,710,400 yen ($US33,341 ($42,010)) for the manual, while the automatic is 3,772,400 yen ($US33,898 ($42,712)).

Ultraman outfit sold separately.


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