JB Hi-Fi Nails Rick And Morty

Image: Reddit (u/ThatWogBoy)

JB's more known for nailing their game reviews, but they've got the Rick and Morty look down pat too.

Posted in the Cockburn JB store in Western Australia, the ad is undoubtedly for portable chargers. But what's great is that it's not tied into the particular release of a product, but the upcoming season of Rick and Morty.

Image: Reddit (u/ThatWogBoy)

Hopefully too many little kids don't ask their parents why Rick is foaming at the mouth and burping all the time. Might be a bit early to start having a chat about alcoholism.

JB, you've done it again. And don't forget, the next Rick and Morty season airs on Cartoon Network on July 30 (US time).


    Incoming cease and desist from turner broadcasting...

      Well JB do sell their DVDs, blurays and pop vinyl so maybe the marketing and distributor in Australia will allow it (or at least "turn a blind eye" towards it)

    My local JB has the Abraham Simpson "i used to be with it" quote in their music section.

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