And Now A Hearthstone Musical Number

Introducing a new series of animated shorts and comics aimed at injecting more personality into its collectible card game, Blizzard treated fans watching today's Gamescom event to a little song and dance.

The star of the video is a young girl who stumbles upon Harth Stonebrew's tavern, where everybody gets along and knows how to belt out a group song or two. As with any time Blizzard puts its animation team to work, it's pretty amazing.

I expect we'll learn more about these characters in the coming weeks. Until then, HEARTHSTONNNNNNEEE!


    They should stop procrastinating just wipe out Disney already.

    Remember when Blizzard were a game developer?

      Aside from the game they released this year and the game they released last year, you mean?

    lol... new blizzard dept..

    screw Google, I wanna work in blizzard.. do they need a code janitor?

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