Blizzard Releases Status Update On Hearthstone For Android And iPhone

Briefly: Blizzard released a status update on the upcoming Android and iPhone/Android phone versions of their online CCG, Hearthstone: Android tablets are slated to get the game before the end of the year, while the phone versions will arrive early next year. They also included a neat infographic which you can look at below.


    I don't see how it would work on iphone. The display is just too small.

      I agree with the display being too small - however it will be possible if the UI looks and functions quite differently compared to tablet/PC versions.

        Yeah, a significant redesign is needed for anything smaller than an iPad.

        And that's what they state on the source. Blizzard says they have a working build for phones but they want to engineer a better UI

    I love hearthstone. I want to have 100,000 of its babies.

    Damn, if only the android port came out before i got my gaming pc...

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