Hearthstone Is Now Available On Android For Australians

If you're on Android and you've been waiting patiently for the release of Hearthstone, we have great news: Australians will be among the first to be able to download Hearthstone on Android. It is available right now.

Which means that we're getting the chance to play Hearthstone on Android ahead of the rest of the world.

In your FACE rest of the world.

“We’re excited to welcome Android players to the Hearthstone community, and we’re looking forward to bringing the game to even more mobile platforms—including phones—in the future,” said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.

I've actually been waiting for this. As a proud-ish owner of a Nexus 7, I'm been keen to check out Hearthstone, but wanted to play on a tablet without havig to splash out on a new iPad.

Also worthy of note: anyone who starts one game in any mode on their Android tablet will receive one free Classic card pack from the original Hearthstone set.

Get on it!


    It's not showing on the Play store for me. Link?

      I think it's for tablets only for now, so it won't show up on your phone

        Not coming up for me on my Nexus 7..

    Ggrgrgjhgfdkjfhdslfjrsgoijiio!!!!! I don't have an iPad OR an Android tablet!

    As an avid Hearthstone player on the Mac, I have been hanging for the phone version to play on my hour commute to work. Once this happens, oh my, once this happens I won't be playing anything else...

      Apparently it'll be out for phones (iPhone and Android) sometime next year - hopefully early but it's Blizzard so who knows.

        I know this because I've been checking daily (even on weekends) for a release date. Thanks though, I'm sure you weren't aware of the extent of my obsession.

    Tablets only. QQ

      Sideload ;)
      Most only restrict via the Store, not the app itself.

        Found a link to a .apk yet?

        Looks like the Australia only rollout is causing all the APK downloaders to fail. Hopefully a kind soul on XDA will upload it!

          If you have a tablet with root access you can download and grab it from there.

    Cant find it for my Sony Z2 Tablet :(

    Last edited 16/12/14 11:54 am

    Downloading now. Fwiw, I couldn't find it via search, but it's listed under Blizzard's apps (Blizzard Authenticator, eg. -> More by Blizzard) for my N7.


    Last edited 16/12/14 11:55 am

      Cheer. So excitied.

    thanks for the advice, couldnt find it on my Z2 tablet either, but looking up all of blizzards apps allowed me to find it thanks
    downloading it now on my Sony Z2 tablet

    This probably just flipped my decision from abstaining buying a tablet to buying a tablet

    Anyone else having trouble signing up/in? I just get a little loading screen and then a 'Breaking news' page and a propt to press anywhere to reconnect.

    Could be my work WiFi getting in the way maybe....

    no for my S4, but yes my old tablet? weird.

      not weird, they're doing a tablet and phone version, this is the release of the tablet version

        Oh its just my S4 is so much beefier and newer than my tablet and the headline just says "android" so I just assumed it would be on the newer more powerful hardware.

    Yeah its annoying all that's limiting new phones from installing it is basically the screen size which their still working on.

    Cant wait to have this running on my Z3!... C'mon 2015

    So what's the payment model for this? It say's it's free with in-app purchases. Can I actually play it, or do I need to buy things to play it? (why do we still need to ask about this shit in this day an age?)

      When you play ladder/unranked, you gain gold. Gold can be used to by packs(5 cards), the expansion modules(solo play - best part so far imo), or arena tickets, where you make a deck from random selections, play until you loose 3 times, and get rewards based on win streak. Real money can be used in place of gold.

      To begin with, you get 9 basic decks, one for each class. As you play them you'll level them up, which unlocks another 5 cards per deck.

      So you can download and play, but money is so much faster.

      What exactly are you confused about? It's the same as any other free to play game that has in-app purchases.
      Play game, buy extra stuff to speed up the process.

        Because all "free-to-play" games are different. Some you actually need to buy things to play the game, other allow you to buy hats.

          If you "NEED" to buy things to play the game then it's not free-to-play.
          All free-to-play games have optional purchases. The difference is do you need to spend money to progress or unlock things or does it just speed up gameplay or offer vanity items.

          In any case, Hearthstone is free. you can play everything without spending any money. You can even be competitive without spending money. Dollars just speed up the process.

    Anyone comment on performance on a Nexus 7?

      My nexus 7 (2012) runs it ok even though it's unsupported.
      It's a bit slow loading games and generally it sits at about 15-20FPS but it's perfectly playable.

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