Obsidian Turned Down A Chance To Make A Game Of Thrones Game

In a new interview, the makers of Fallout: New Vegas have revealed that the studio was given the opportunity to make a game based on Game of Thrones - and they turned in down.

Talking to Eurogamer, Obsidian co-founder and chief executive Feargus Urquhart revealed that EA, through EA Partners, offered the company an opportunity to make a licensed game in 2005.

The studio was initially interested, with Urquhart being a big fan of the books at the time (the HBO series didn't begin airing until 2011). But according to the terms offered at the time, Obsidian would have been required to do a prequel.

"The only thing we could have done is what BioWare did with Knights of the Old Republic," Eurogamer quoted Urquhart as saying.

"They basically said Episodes 1-6, you can't touch it, so we're just going to go way back. But even then some stuff had already been written about it in the [Star Wars] Expanded Universe. With George R. R. Martin there was no other ... they talked about some history ... we could have done that."

Urquhart, along with fellow Obsidian co-founder Chris Parker, added that the studio was more interested in doing an open-world RPG at the time. But the options available at the time felt more appropriate for a real-time strategy game, which wasn't Obsidian's speciality.

"We were starting to think more about open-world RPGs, and we wanted our players to have agency, to be important in the world," Urquhart explained.

The full interview, which is well worth a read, can be found over at Eurogamer.

Update: Amended headline to read "Game of Thrones Game", rather than "Game of Thrones RPG".


    It sounds like a big miss, but it wasn't. If they'd done it, it would have been dead and forgotten - it wouldn't have had any relation to the HBO show, because HBO didn't even license the books until 2007. We'd look back on it now and talk about all the stuff it does "wrong".

    The books were popular among fantasy readers but it was never an enormous deal until the HBO series came along. The fact that you're calling it a "Game of Thrones" RPG is testament to that. Back in 2005 it would have been A Song of Ice and Fire. Heck, 2005's release of A Feast for Crows and the crazy sales it got (we waited five years for that book!) was what made people like HBO interested in the first place. Before then, if you were looking at adapting a popular fantasy novel series into a game you'd be more likely to want to aim for The Wheel of Time (and note that when given the opportunity, Obsidian *did* grab the chance to make a game in that setting, only for the license to fall through).

    Also bear in mind that in 2005 they would have been knee deep in developing Neverwinter Nights 2, which at the time would have been a vastly bigger thing for them than the chance to adapt something from a kind-of-popular book series. D&D / Forgotten Realms was a much bigger deal. Plus they were a fairly young studio that at the time was kind of still in the shadow of Bioware, since the only game they'd released was KotOR 2.

      Ah, I remember the days of playing the Wheel of Time MUD and Kinslayer MUD. There was also a Wheel of Time FPS game (haven't played it though). Looking forward to a WoT TV series!

        Hopefully the WoT TV series will be better than the godawful pilot episode that one studio did to try and hold onto the license (spoiler: they lost the license anyway).

        Still sad that Obsidian's game never came through. I suspect it could have been incredible. Also kind of sad that after the books were finished up (Sanderson did an amazing job on them, as an aside - I don't think I had any expectation that I'd walk away as satisfied by it as I was) it feels like it was kind of abandoned. There's so much potential for that setting to be fleshed out.

          Yeah, I can't believe that Red Eagle is still listed as an EP on the series. Bunch of pricks! That pilot was a clear attempt to keep the licence just before it was set to expire. RJ would be rolling in his grave if he saw that!

          Agree with you about the setting BTW, so hopefully if there is a successful TV series an MMO might follow? Something like LOTR Online maybe?

            Nowadays they'd probably just make a shitty mobile game. :(

      Yeah this sounds like it could have gone the way of the 'Betrayal at Krondor' games based off Raymond E feist's books. Popular with a niche crowd but largely forgotten in the grand scheme of things. Plus if they had gone the route of making an RTS it wouldn't have played to obsidian's strengths.

    Not all heroes wear drapes.

    Yeah I don't honestly know how you would pull off a decent RPG in the universe, a strategy game would work as shown by the GOT mod for Crusader kings 2

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