Playing Video Games On 16 Monitors At Once

Here's Linus Tech Tips with a chiropractor's dream: playing a single PC game across 16 monitors at the same time.

First they try Minecraft:

Then Tomb Raider, which didn't really work. So it was off to Half-Life 2:

Then PUBG, which didn't work either, but Civ V sure did. Please note the hilarious placement of the menus in these games (Civ's mini-map in the bottom right is fantastic).

This isn't something you would do to enjoy these games. Between the bezels and the framerates they're practically unplayable. But as a thing to do just so you can say you've done it, this is wonderful.


    It was the 16k resolution that was impressive. Not the monitor count. Way to miss the point of the video.

      It isn't 16k resolution though. It's just 2k resolution spread across 16k pixels...

    It sounds good on paper, but I'd spend the entire time looking at the black borders around the panels.

      Youd probs get used to it then stop noticing it like the cyan red original 3d glasses at the movies

    The world is a happier place for having Linus in it, so he can do stupid shit like this. :)

    If I wanted to see lines crossing the screen, I'd keep standing in the dark outside my neighbours window watching their TV.

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