Spelunky Creator's New Project Is A Collection Of 50 Faux Retro Games

Derek Yu's platformer roguelike Spelunky is quietly one of the most influential games of the past decade. Now he's back with a team of indie standouts, and they have collaborated to make 50 new games with a twist: The story is that they were created by a fictional company in the '80s that was "obscure but ahead of its time".

The collection is called UFO 50. Each game will be "slightly smaller" than an actual 8-bit game from that time period, but Yu and co stress that they're "full games" rather than minigames. They will span a variety of genres, from RPG, to platformer, to puzzle, to shoot 'em up while remaining bound by style and "modern game design sensibilities".

Here's a trailer:

In addition to Yu — whose studio, Mossmouth, is also publishing the game — Downwell's Ojiro Fumoto, Time Barons' Jon Perry, Madhouse's Paul Hubans and Skorpulac's Eirik Suhrke are also working on the game. It will be out on PC in 2018.


    It'll be interesting to see how well this does given that we've been getting quite a few comments recently from game developers that the "Retro" style of games is not longer profitable or profitable enough to make...

      I still like them, but I'm not sure that I need 50 of them.

    Hopefully this will be as good as Retro Game Challenge 1 & 2 on the DS!

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