The Internet Has A ‘Cringe’ Problem, And It Hurts Kids The Most 

Being vulnerable and honest on the internet is difficult enough for most of us, but for kids, living a life online can be hellish. Grown-arse adults love to bully naive kids online, and it happens all the time.

In the latest episode of Fave This, a new podcast/YouTube show hosted by Gita Jackson and me, we talk about how the internet treats children like garbage, often for no reason at all. You’ve probably seen it firsthand: Things often go to shit the second a kid says something in a voice chat. We talk about the many ways grown-ups act like arseholes online and how that harms real people. We also discuss the merits of shitposting, the fight over what’s acceptable in Twitch chat, and what happens when a fandom gets too big.

Watch us on YouTube in the video embedded above, or listen to us below. You can find an MP3 of this episode here, check us out on iTunes here (leave us a review!), we’re on Google Play here and/or check out our RSS feed here.


  • Yeeeaahh kind of, but it goes both ways. I couldn’t count how many times I used to chat with mates in a public lobby (we’re all close to 30), and some little 12 year old punk arcs up trying to trash talk us.

    Not so much these days where gaming has shifted to party chat.

  • The reason they are treated as such is because 90% of the time (In my experience anyway) young kids are absolute shitheads online. Particularly 12 and under. They have no experienced the real world and still think everything is about them. Case in point, Was playing Battlefield 4 and this young kid started whining on voice chat about how he wasnt getting to use the the Attack heli so i should let him use it. I obviously told the kid no so he proceeded to should childish insults mixed in with insult he learnt off the internet without knowing what they mean. I still to this day dont know what a D***head F****t is, Let alone why a 12 year would be shouting at me over something so trivial.

    Kids want to be treated with respect online? Treat everyone else with respect. Respect is a two way street.

  • Kids acting like tough guys screaming how they’ll kill you and your mother are cringy and should be laughed at. The internet isn’t a hug box devoid of criticism.

  • The only game I’ve really used open chat in is GTAO, so yeah, I cringe when kids enter the chat.

    Firstly they shouldn’t even be playing and secondly their parents most likely allow it.

    The social media side of it looks like hell though

  • To me, the problem is that people of all ages seem to think that they can act however they please because they are online. Abuse, trolling, hate, threats ect…
    They wouldn’t do it in real life because they’d get arrested/punched in the face.
    So essentially these types of people are insecure losers who are powerless in real life, but cling to whatever sense of power they can get bullying others using anonymity as a shield from consequence.

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