Danganronpa V3 Can’t Resist A Good Splatoon Joke

Danganronpa V3 Can’t Resist A Good Splatoon Joke

The newest Danganronpa is full of pop culture references, including quite a few that may surprise you. My favourite so far is this inventory item. Screw you, squids.

I’ve spent the past week digging into Danganronpa V3, the third proper game in the goofy visual novel series. Equal parts surreal, gross, mind-boggling and hilarious, Danganronpa is pretty much a must-play if you’re into good stories.

Based on the two chapters I’ve played so far, Danganronpa V3 (out September 26 for PC, September 29 for PS4, and October 6 for Vita), lives up to that standard.

We’ll have more on Danganronpa V3 in the future, but for now, here’s a fun tease for fans of the series:

On second thought, I hope that isn’t real.