Harley Quinn Puts The Joker In His Place In New Batman: The Enemy Within Clip

"Stay out of this, puddin'. Grown-ups are talking." Looks like a different clown-faced criminal is the alpha in the Telltale video game version of the Batman mythos.

Good news first: You can see the first glimpse of Batman: The Enemy Within's re-imagined Harleen Quinzel in action in the teaser above. The bad news is that, per the clip, chapter two of the episodic game is getting bumped back a week, debuting on October 3. We'll have to wait one more week to see how John Doe's little crush works out.


    I uh, don't see how she put him in his place. Especially considering we don't exactly know who Harley and Joker are in this version.

    And apparently on the Nintendo 64

    No I jest, the thumbnail didn't do it any justice....league, at first glance.
    I will see myself out.

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