PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Team Spun Off Into A New Company 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Team Spun Off Into A New Company 

Now that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a smash hit, its developer Bluehole Inc. is worth 5.2 trillion won ($5.8 billion). No wonder the team at Bluehole that handled the game is being turned into a subsidiary called PUBG Corporation.

[Image: PUBG]

Via Gametoc (and tipster Sang), this is the company’s new corporate logo:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Team Spun Off Into A New Company (Image: PUBG)

[Image: PUBG]

Gametoc (via Sang) reports that PUBG producer Chang-han Kim will be the company’s CEO.

Why make a PUBG company? Bluehole says it’s so they can ensure responsiveness and efficiency, allowing the new subsidiary to react to worldwide game market with greater flexibility.

PUBG Corporation has already established a US office and is going to set up branches in Japan and Europe. Doubt it’s going to stop there.


  • Can someone say bubble much?

    PUBG reminds me of Dayz, a buggy mess, relying on emergent gameplay (read, player driven, thus easily replicated), with limited content, thats going to keep spawning a tonne of clones, and some of those clones are actually going to be better than PUBG itself, leaving the community to leave PUBG and move on to the next thing, and a companies evaluation worthless.

    (I say this as someone who has already sunk far too many hours into PUBG :P)

    • Kinda disagree.

      DayZ lost any focus, failed to communicate and didn’t keep up with a schedule. Plus half the size.

      PUBG is now bigger than Dota, communicates regularly and will only be in early access for around a year. It has real focus on a particular game mode, not trying to do all things at once.

      All games will die and in time, I’m sure people will move on. But won’t be for a long time…. (unless of course, they make key fuck ups around full release and start to fracture).

    • PUBG feels like LoL (with H1Z1 being akin to HON) in its early days. A runaway success that looks like its going to be around for a long time. It’s bound to have copy cats.

      PUBG has to capitalize on its success or it will crash and burn. I don’t feel like Bluehole is investing much into the game (optimization is still rather poor)

      However, LoL has its DoTA2 and I don’t think we’ve seen the Battle Royale version of DoTA2 yet and it could come from a AAA developer.

    • Wrong. DayZ is still an atrocious mess even after 4 years. PUBG is perfectly playable and leagues beyond what DayZ will ever be in terms of performance. PUBG is to Battle Royale/survival what WoW was to MMOs.

      • WoW in MMO’s was based on lore and vast amounts of content. PUBG atm has very little content whatsoever and is completely reliant on players to ‘pad out’ the experience.

        Whilst it could survive and maintain the valuation it has, the valuation it has at the moment doesn’t reflect the risk that other AAA developers could rapidly bring a similar game to market quickly, and quite possibly, be better very rapidly.

    • 10 million + copies sold of the game alone for PC, a console version in development, a tournament already within its first year with sponsors teams and a reasonably stable start to esports, plus the continues flow of profit from the steam market items at ludicrous markups.

      While the number seems high… i can see why they would be making bank.

      • Sure, there’s no disputing any of that, but 5.8 billion for a dev with one game that could be very easily replicated (and bettered) by one of the larger studios is no time at all. Seems grossly over valued to me.

      • *puts on tinfoil hat* they’re scraping your credit cards maaaan, they’re out to get you *adds armadillo hat*

  • 5.2 trillion won
    is that supposed to be yuan? (chinese currency) or did they get the powerball numbers?

  • Pubg is a revolutionary game, already ahead of any clones that will come out after it. They also seem to have the right balance of realism and arcade to it. Any clone will have to do a fresh take of this type of game rather then trying to replicate it. Like it or not Pubg, is already and landmark title in gaming and will be played for 5-10+ years.

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