Ripped Carts Of Star Fox 2 Are Already For Sale On eBay

Nintendo's absurdly anticipated SNES Classic console launched today, but somebody's already ripped Star Fox 2 to a handful of original SNES cartridges, listed them on places like eBay and Etsy, and sold them.

Star Fox 2 was completed decades ago, but not officially released until today. The seller of this homemade regular SNES version, lvretrogames, wrote that they tested it on an original SNES, and it "works great". It does not, however, have a battery slot for saving high scores.

It's worth noting that somebody leaked Star Fox 2 this week, and the ROM got dumped online a day early. That could've had something to do with this.

Still, it's 100 per cent nuts that somebody's already done this when many people probably haven't even opened their SNES Classics yet. For now, the seller's only sold a few, but I'd wager there'll be more before long.


    This is why we can't have nice things.

    How does this work without the Super FX chip? The original console can't emulate it and i'm assuming they didn't use a cartridge with the Super FX chip for the repro.

      Based on youtube videos, they are using Stunt Race FX or Dirt Trax FX for these.

    Star Fox 2 repro carts have been around for years, this isn't new.

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