Xbox One S Sold As Ultra HD Blu-ray Player In Japan 

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Yes, things are terrible for the Xbox One in Japan. Everybody knows that. But did you know that one major retailer is selling the console as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player?

The Bic Camera in Yurakucho, one of the biggest electronics stores in Tokyo, is selling the Xbox One S as first and foremost an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. The photos below were snapped by YouTuber Gaijin Hunter.

The top of the notice reads "Super Cheap!!" and "Recommended!!" The bottom part of the notice reads, "If it's Xbox One S, you can also play video games." It's like the playing video games part is an added feature, not the feature.

But is this sales pitch working? Well, the most recent weekly Xbox One sales for Japan clocked in at 63 units sold...

However, this Twitter user claims to have bought an Xbox One S to watch hit anime Your Name on UHD BD.

While this Twitter user picked up an Xbox One S after getting a 4K television.

This is one of the cheapest Ultra HD Blu-ray players you can buy in Japan, so maybe this is helping sales, however small they are.


    Remember the launch conference of the x-box one where Microsoft was plugging all these extra features, that it was going to be the centre of your entertainment and oh yeah it can also play games.. hahaha Well that came back to bite them in the ass, but it is Japan and they are weird with non hone grown stuff

      It's why i didn't buy the xbox & brought the ps4 instead, I didn't need nor want a "entertainment system ", I wanted a video game console.

    That price translates to $350 which is quite pricey, it's $300 here at EB with Destiny 2 and a Forza game!

    Ill be honest, my xbox pretty much only gets used for this at the moment. Need to get myself a copy of forza :p

    My Xbox One S stutters during Ultra HD BluRay playback

    I've needed a UHD 4K player for a little while, and I was staggered to find that in discount bundles, the smallest XboneS is one of the cheaper players around. And you can play games on it.

    So I grabbed that ebay mail one, and will trade in my older, xbone and the bundle games, because hell, that console's been pretty much untouched for a year or more. (Because the exclusives suck, everything cross-platform plays better on the PS4, and the dashboard is crap for anything else, making it also the second choice/last choice for media.)

    After trade-in (NOT at EB), I'm looking at a roughly $10 upgrade for a UHD player that can still play whatever exclusives on the MS platform that I might potentially care about. (None on the horizon, but maybe they'll make another Halo game?)

    Theres almost no japanese exclusive software and its american so that doesn't help ! I've had an Xbox one since launch, (I did upgrade it to the slim as its much nicer) but at the end of the day, if Microsoft cant make it happen, its their fault. Does Apple do well in Japan?

      Yes, Apple does very well is Japan. I had a quick look on Google, and iPhones have a 60% share in the smartphone market and macOS devices have a 20% share in the PC market.

        I also forgot to mention that I live in Tokyo and I see a lot of iPhones and Macbooks here.

        Is that because Japan hates South Korea and refuse to adopt Samsung products?

          I know of two reasons (there could be more).

          1. The reason you just mentioned. Samsung only sell (to my knowledge) Galaxy smartphones (which have no Samsung branding) and expandable media. On the other hand, LG has been selling home electronics and appliances in recent year. I'm not sure how successful they are though.
          2. There are also others like the fact that there weren't many standout smartphones in Japan until the iPhone 3G launched.

          Yup, Japan hates it when other countries bring up 'comfort women'. SK finds it a bit of a sore subject too, but from the opposite direction.

    Maybe they should bundle it with a kg of whale meat.

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