A New Back To The Future Comic Will Explain One Of Part III's Most Mysterious Lines

At the end of Back to the Future Part III, Marty asks Doc if he and his newly revealed family will be going back to the future. "Nope, already been there," Doc answers, as his train lifts off the ground with a hover conversion he presumably got on that trip and flies away.

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It's the final line of in the trilogy and opens to the door to a whole new adventure. When did Doc and his family go to the future and what happened there? Well, now, a new IDW comics series is going to tell that story.

Scheduled for release December 27, Back to the Future: Tales from the Time Train is a new comic from IDW which is co-written by Bob Gale and John Barber, with art by Megan Levens.

"We were talking about it with our editor, with IDW, and the idea of doing a story about Doc, Clara, Jules and Verne — his whole family — it seemed like a good starting point for a good story," Barber told The Hollywood Reporter. "It picks up right at the end of Back to the Future Part III from Doc's point of view."

Well, sort of, according to franchise co-creator Bob Gale.

"We're trying to make sure none of the fans call us out for screwing up the continuity of it," Gale added. "At the end of Back to the Future Part III, when the Time Train flies away, Marty says, 'Where you going now, Doc, back to the future?' Doc says, 'Nope, already been there.' I said to John, 'Well, we've gotta pay that off. Doc's already been to the future? We've got to show that.'"

Which, of course, would have happened before the ending of the third movie. And after, kind of. Plus the animated series covered some of this. Time travel is confusing.

All kidding aside, doing a comic with the Browns as the main characters is a smart idea. It allows the writers to tell stories in-between the films, since Marty and Jennifer meet the Browns several years after the boys are born, as well as future stories, of where the family goes after. There's no end to the potential.

Anyway, the first issue of the new series will be out December 27.

[Hollywood Reporter]


    Or he just meant when he went there in the second movie?

      That's what I would have assumed too. Doc went to the future from 1985, the future being 2015. At first when I read this article, I was like, hmm... did a timeline reset or something? Was it the Doc from 1955 that went to 1855? But I'm pretty sure it's 1985 Doc that goes back to 1855 via 1955 so that would be the same Doc that went to 2015 which was the future.

      I think.

        You're over thinking it. the events of the movie happened as is, just that after Marty left 1885, they obviously managed to build another time machine from a train and went to the future to get it upgraded into a hover-train. That is the trip to the future they're referring to.

          ohhh. well, yeah. that makes more sense! thank you.

    But will it finally explain why Verne was making "come here" gestures and pointing at his cock in that scene?

      lol Upvoted for the simple fact *this actually happens*. Check it out people. It's suspected its a signal he needs to go to the toilet, but it's really strange. lol

        I hope that's all it was, but the kid still has the creepy grin...

        (I'm still a little mad at the flat-mate who pointed it out to me, last time 3 was on TV.)

    Was he not just referring to where he got the futuristic train from? Been there, done that kind of thing.

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