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Even though playing games is typically how Rick and Morty end up putting the multiverse in jeopardy, the dimension-hopping duo are about to embark upon the journey of their lives with the help of a tabletop classic. This August, IDW and Oni Press are partnering to publish a four-issue limited series from writers Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub, with illustrations from Troy Little, where Rick and Morty will get sucked into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.


Let's be real: Comics are kind of a year-round thing. But spring is a time of new beginnings, which makes it the perfect time to pick up a new comic book. So it's a good thing that there are a ton of new comics on the way! Here's our picks of the wonderful new books you'll want to get to know in the coming months.


It's no surprise that a comic book based on the classic whodunnit board game Clue is outlandishly silly -- after all, just like the beloved movie, it's hard to take the fact you're an adaptation of a board game with any sense of seriousness. IDW's new Clue series rolls with that, and takes it a step further with several twists on top of its own twist.


Today, May 6, is basically comic book fan Christmas -- because it's Free Comic Book Day, the annual celebration across comic stores the world over for revelling in the comics we love (and get free ones, too). As ever, there are a ton of comics on offer for FCBD this year, so here's our picks for the ones you should look out for.


The 28th annual GLAAD awards highlighting the representation of LGBTQ community in media have been announced this morning, and it's a strong year for genre nominations, especially in comics, with 10 series from the past year earning recognition. That's five more comics nominated than last year, a welcome indication that comics are improving in this regard.


After a few months away, Judge Dredd is back in action at IDW, but in his newest mission, it's been quite a while since we last saw him. And if you thought Dredd's usual life was messed up, then it's about to get downright apocalyptic (well, even more than it always is) in Judge Dredd: The Blessed Earth -- and we have the first details about the series.


Last year was a brilliant one for comics, but now that's all in the past. Let's look to the future! Thankfully, that future is already teeming with great new comics just waiting to be read. Here's the all the stuff we're looking forward to coming our way in the next few months.


IDW's new ongoing Star Trek comic might be set after the events of Star Trek Beyond, but for now, it seems like it isn't about the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Kirk and his crew have been separated, and have gone their separate ways -- and Kirk himself is in charge of an entirely different ship. Check it out in our exclusive preview!