A Spine-Tingling New Book Collects Artist Brian Coldrick's Single-Panel Ghost Stories

A year back, we spotlighted the excellently spooky work of artist Brian Coldrick, creator of webcomic Behind You. Now his illustrations have been compiled into a book from IDW, titled Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories. We have a peek at some of the gorgeously-rendered nightmares within.

All images by Brian Coldrick

As an added stamp of approval, the collection has an introduction by bestselling horror author Joe Hill (Strange Weather, The Fireman), who writes in part:

Brian's suggestive words are, in their own way, as thrilling as his suggestive art. The pictures inspire shock, while his sentences invite you to linger, to make yourself at home, to dream bad dreams. Suspense is the force that drives you to turn the page, and find out what happens next, in hope of discovering some relief, some comfort, some easing of your horror. But Brian offers you no relief and no comfort. Turn the page, and you only find a fragment of another story. He will never tell you what happens next to any of his menaced protagonists. You have to imagine the rest of each tale for yourself. If there is a way out for any of his heroes, you will have to be the one to find it.

Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories is available now; check out more sample pages here.


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