Elder Scrolls Xbox Controller Is Real Nice

Here's a custom Xbox One controller inspired by the Breton Knights from Elder Scrolls Online.

It's by — who else — controller modder Devin Smith, and features stuff like real leather straps, removable arm guards and a the fact all those faceplates are made out of metal to give them that real armoured feel.

You can see more of Devin's custom controller work at his site.


    Sony this is how it is done. Not that garbage Star Wars trash your offloading.

      Except it's not an official variant. I mean, the article literally mentions the modder and links to his website.

        Yeah I know this isn't official but hey if there are people doing this kind of work why can't a team come up with something better then just some crappy decals on a controller and machine?

          Precisely my thinking.

          Yes, it isn't an official controller, but what's stopping the manufacturing companies (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) from sourcing this kind of talent for a design perspective?

          Obviously this guy (and artists like him) can't create these on a consumer scale, but he obviously designed the thing, and this kind of design work is stellar. It's also leagues ahead of what they're (Sony) paying someone to design and subsequently market for.

    All these controllers look nice. But if you actually used it, that paint would wear off after a while. If I had one I'd would be keeping it on a shelf or something.

    I like the look of the controller, but not sure how much I would like to play with it. Too many edges around the hand grips

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