Regular Human Transforms Into Wonder Woman

Alyson Tabbitha, a regular around here for her astounding make-up and costume work, returns with this temporary diversion where she ceases to be a human cosplayer and becomes an Amazonian arse-kicker.

Note that as amazing as this outfit is, it isn't yet done: The shot began as a simple test, because she still hadn't done the boots, belts and props. But hey, when it looks this good, who can resist an early share.

You can see more of Alyson's cosplay at her Facebook page.


    Step 1: Be attractive.

    Well I'm out.

    Are you sure that isn’t Gal Gadot cosplaying as Alyson Tabbitha?

      She looks hotter than gadot—better proportioned.

      Yeah, pretty amazing. She looks exactly like her. She could be her stand-in in future films.

    I wouldn't say regular! She was stunning to begin with.

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