When Thor And Hulk Teddy Bears Battle, Everybody Wins

With the October 26 release of Thor: Ragnarok, the most exciting Thor film since 1988's The Incredible Hulk Returns TV movie, the folks at Build-A-Bear gird their cuddly line-up for battle with a US online exclusive team of Marvel's mightiest god and monster.

Available today on the US Build-A-Bear website, which features all the stuffed animal goodness without the person working the stuffing station silently judging (maybe that's just me), these $US40 ($51) stuffed superheroes raise several questions.

For example, with a helmet that looks like it's sewn into the plushie itself, how hard is it to add a blonde wig to the Thor bear?

Build-A-Bear says "The mighty Thor controls thunder and lightning with his enchanted hammer. Thor Bear has soft brown fur that features his built-in costume, in addition to his hammer Mjolnir on his left paw. Save the day with this heroic furry friend!" Which means make them fight each other, but a softer, fuzzier sort of fighting.

As for Hulk bear, why is he green with a tan face and tan ears? Shouldn't he be all green? But wait, his hair is black, should his fur not be black as well? Is he wearing a wig? Could it be long and blonde, just to make sorely shorn Thor mourn?

Build-A-Bear says: "Hulk Smash! This muscular furry friend features a built-in Hulk costume with a super cool Hulk graphic on its left paw pad. Add sounds and accessories to your Hulk Bear to make the perfect unique gift!"

I suppose a Hela, bear goddess of death, isn't happening? Probably not. I guess these two should be enough. And with them both available on Build-A-Bear's US website today, that leaves me plenty of time to procure them, bring them on opening night, and loudly reenacting movie scenes in the front row. They're currently unavailable in Australia, but fingers (paws?) crossed!


    I agree, the Hulk one looks super weird with the bear face and ears on a otherwise somewhat normal Hulk.

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