Final Fantasy 15 Gets Character Swapping

It's the one-year anniversary of Final Fantasy 15's launch, which means it's nearly time for Square Enix to finish the game. Today, the studio announced plans to let you play it all as one of Noctis's pals.

The feature, which will be implemented at some point before the new downloadable content Episode Ignis drops on December 13, will allow you to use a an overlay menu to switch to Gladiolus, Ignis or Prompto. Each of their combat mechanics will be based on their respective DLCs.

In the past, you could only play as Noctis. During a Japanese video presentation last night, Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata also said that more DLC will be coming in 2018.


    It's a single player FF game... There are so many games now days that the number of players who replay RPGs is surely minimal. I'm perplexed by SE's insistence on fiddling with it so much. It doesn't seem like it has cash cow potential.

      I think they're just trying to do the right thing rather than make a fortune from it. Maybe the Japanese market are spending? I've replayed it with the free DLC and updates and it really improves the game (which I enjoyed a lot first time through as well).

    This time last year I was so desperate to play this game, but a year later all I can think is I wish they’d just delayed it another year and included all these updates. I’m never going to play them now having completed the game in January.

      Yeah. I'm glad they're sticking with it but I would have liked it to be this polished during my first playthrough.

    I think they're laying the groundwork for Final Fantasy XVI, just as much as they are updating XV. From the first demo of XV two years ago, until now, the game has changed massively for the better. They should be able to focus on making a coherent story for the next title, rather than trying to make the thing run on the hardware.

    I love this stuff, I never buy new games anymore, so it's actually quite nice buying a game like 2 years after release and actually having a polished game

    Sounds like the PC version's going to be excellent with all this stuff and the graphical upgrades. Hope it means they're spending the time to port it right

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