It’s Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A Day

It’s Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A Day

A couple of weeks back I wrote about Lineage 2: Revolution, a mobile MMORPG that can be played mostly on autopilot. Two weeks later, I’m still playing. After a decade and a half of playing highly involved PC MMOs, it’s nice to have a game I only need to play an hour a day.

Though I can control my character directly, it’s much more convenient to hit the auto-battle or auto-quest button and let my currently level 53 dwarven War Ranger (a race-specific sub-class of Rogue) go about her own business. As long as I keep her stocked with health and mana potions, she had no trouble on most challenges that come her way.

It’s Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A DayIt looks really involved, but it’s not.

It looks really involved, but it’s not.

Her autonomy leaves me free to perform my various managerial duties. While she hunts 20 of whichever monster her current quest calls for, I’m maintaining and upgrading equipment. When she gets into a group for the Temple Guardian mini-dungeon, in which the party defends a crystal from waves of attacking creatures, I’m going through my daily checklist, making sure I have all my bases covered.

It’s Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A DayEvery morning, on the toilet.

Every morning, on the toilet.

To some this may seem tedious. To me, it takes a lot of the tedium away. Running from creature to creature, pressing buttons to activate skills and abilities? In games that I’ve played for years, such as World of Warcraft, it’s pretty much automatic for me already.

I spend my hour a day running through the daily checklist. I check in with my Clan (Guild), activate the daily and weekly quests I have allotted, and go through each dungeon (using an auto-clear ticket if I have one handy). I collect my login bonuses, upgrade the gear I can using items and equipment, and sell off any excess gear to keep my inventory clear.

It’s Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A Day

To me, the fun part has always been the maintenance, the fitting of new gear, and watching statistics rise. Lineage 2: Revolution has plenty of that. It’s almost like an MMORPG playing simulator.

Yes, it’s a free-to-play game, with timers and premium currency and the ability, should one so desire, to buy one’s way into more powerful gear. But I don’t need any of that. I signed up for a daily stipend of gems after playing for a week, a $US9.99 ($13) purchase I felt the amount of enjoyment I was getting out of the game warranted. But at my once-a-day pace, I haven’t been tempted to buy beyond that.

This is all not to say that I’m going to stop playing World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14. I will still log in and hang out with my friends there as time permits. But time is not nearly as permissive as it once was. It’s nice to have Lineage 2: Revolution to scratch the itch without eating up a lot of time.


  • It would be great if the shop didn’t scream Korean mom and if you weren’t punished for skipping a day ( I pushed to level 80 and stayed consistently in the top 20p for pvp), it just isn’t fun once you notice how savage the late game rng is.

  • *COUGH* second time I’ve seen this type of paid article. At least state at the top it’s a paid article gosh…. This doesn’t even read like one of Fahey’s normal reviews. And it’s pretty much the same as the one he did last week (where I said this looks like a paid review).

  • I am seriously hating this autoplay crap for mmo’s… I use it in Marvels Future Fight, Might and Magic and FF Brave Exvius but play Iron Blade way more now cause it is actively fun and has no autobattle mechanic! Tried Lineage 2 till level 21 and got annoyed with it as you basically never need to do anything… You could auto battle forever to get XP then click auto quest every minute while watching TV or cooking… Taichi Panda games are the same. Games like Diablo are fun always. If it is an amazing game then it won’t have autobattle. So sad Chrono Trigger got cancelled :(. Here is hoping we have Durango, FF11, Lineage Eternal, Black Desert M and some others I forgot very soon!

  • I’m so sick of seeing this game in nearly every YouTube ad I have to watch. To heck with those phony gamers praising it being “totally crazy” and to heck with Conan O’Brien.

  • Installed. Almost immediately started to question what I’m doing with my life. Uninstalled.

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