Japanese Fast Food Restaurant Sticks Two Steaks Between Buns

Lotteria, the most ridiculous fast food chain in Japan, is releasing a striking steak burger later this month.

[Image: Asahi News]

Dubbed the Sticking-Out Steak Burger, the sandwich is stuffed with 100g Angus beef steaks from the USA. The meat is a shoulder roast, so it's reportedly soft. If one steak isn't enough, Asahi News reports that there is also a double version.

The steak burgers go on sale November 24 and will be available for six days only. The single steak burger is ¥JPY1200 ($14), while the double is ¥JPY1900 ($22).

I'm not sure how to eat this. With a fork and knife?


    Lol. That's nothing really to report on. Ladies and Gentlemen - The Grosvenor Steak Steak Sandwich.

    "The Grosvenor classic, ‘Teys Gold’ scotch fillet cooked m/r with lettuce, tomato, red onion, Colby cheese, kasaundi and aioli in toasted Turkish bread, served with fries."

    Comes out, usually thick cut Scotch Fillet x2. No room for fries.

    Has science finally gone too far?

      They were too busy seeing if they could do it instead of asking should they?

    Not sure how to eat this? It's like you've never had a steak sandwich at any Aussie event where a BBQ is involved.

    I hope the steak is cooked well enough. I hate getting a steak burger where the meat is too tough to take a bite out of or chew.

    Last edited 22/11/17 10:05 am

      Yup, I've had a few where it might be easier to eat my shoe.

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