Aussie Public Servant Takes Break To Update Final Fantasy's Wikipedia

Image: NVIDIA / Square Enix

Someone at the Department of Human Services, the government body in charge of Centrelink and Medicare, is a fan of Final Fantasy 15 has been sneakily editing Wikipedia at work.

Ever-watchful Twitter account @AussieParlEdits monitors Wikipedia for anonymous edits from Australian government IPs. Yesterday, they tweeted screenshots of revisions made to the Final Fantasy 15 Wikipedia article by an anonymous editor from the Department of Human Services.

The revision adds information about the multiplayer Comrades DLC.

It's unlikely this had any impact on Centrelink wait times but as a Canberran, it's nice to see a reminder that public servants have hobbies too.



    it might not be a public servant, it could be a contractor.

    Pfft, it's not like the people at Centrelink do any work anyway.

      Spoken like a true counter jumper when you get breached for not meeting your jobseek commitments.

        Could counter jumping be a successful mobile game?

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