Bleach Manga Creator And A Fan’s Dying Wish 

Bleach Manga Creator And A Fan’s Dying Wish 

Last year, Bleach creator Tite Kubo posted a photo of a letter. It was a fan’s dying wish.

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As My Game News Flash explains, when Kubo originally posted the image on Twitter, he asked fans if they knew anything about it. The letter was addressed to Kubo via his manga publisher, and it did not have a return name or address.

The Bleach manga ended in 2016 after a 15-year run. On Twitter, Kubo recalled how the fan letters he’d received over the years offered him encouragement, and he has saved them all.

As he was battling his own physical ailments and wondering if he was really cut out to be a manga artist, Kubo got a letter without a return name or address.

The letter was written by a bed-ridden child in the hospital. The boy said he only had a year and a half left to live.

When he played video games or watched TV, the boy kept remembering being with his friends. He said he wanted to die, but he was to told to best live out what little time left he had.

Trying to enjoy his remaining days, the boy started reading manga, but the one that stayed with him was Bleach. For the first time since he was hospitalised, the manga inspired him to think about tomorrow. According to the boy, Bleach changed his world and made him want to live again.

The boy wrote that he would have this letter sent after his death, meaning that the young fan had already passed away.

The letter ended with the boy telling Kubo that he had one final request: “Please draw Bleach the way you want to right up until the end. That’s what I want to read.”

Kubo then wrote in the above tweet: “I have a favour to ask of everyone.”

He apologised for asking but said that he wanted to get in touch with the sender to express his gratitude. Kubo had no way of reaching out – he didn’t even know who sent the boy’s letter, let alone from where it was sent.

Today, Kubo announced via Twitter that early last month, he was finally able to get in touch with the sender after he initially asked his Twitter followers for their help.

Originally, he thought the sender was a family member, but thanks to tips he received, he learned that it was a friend of the boy who was in the same hospital.

Kubo thanked fans for helping him get in touch the best way he could: With a drawing.

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