Zelda Breath Of The Wild's Newest DLC, According To Nintendo Switch Players

Switch owners are sharing all sorts of hilarious clips of the new Champions' Ballad DLC on social media through the built-in video capture feature. As always, there are some kick arse Breath of the Wild moments, alternative shrine solutions, and a bevy of Hyrule hijinks.

Here are some of our favourite clips.

Bike badassery

GIF excerpt from: cheddargt

Genius shrine solutions

GIF excerpted from: Houdiniman111

GIF excerpted from: ChrisH01

BOTW In A Nutshell

Silly bike physics

Bike fuel

Bad luck

A close call

Everyone seems to die at this shrine

The spike dungeon is some BS, too


    So..... not sure if its just me, but none of the Twitter vids will play for me. And all it telles me is that it can not be played.

      Wont let me do it on Twitter ether. I think The Big N has done some cleaning. lol

        The videos work for me, both as embeds and on Twitter. I think the problem is with your browser.

          They dont work on firefox thats for sure.

      Bump also having same problem.
      Happened yesterday also when trying to view other articles.

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