Hey Mr. DJ (Screenshot: Harmonix)

Harmonix’s Fuser Is A Different Way To Mix Music And Gaming

Coming this spring to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One from Harmonix and NCSoft, Fuser is the ultimate freestyle DJ simulator. It casts the player as an up-and-coming disc jockey, gives them access to over 100 pop, rap, country, and rock songs, and drops them into spectacular arenas to play…

Illustration: Gung-Ho Online Entertainment

Ninjala’s Cute Shinobi (Literally) Kick Arse And Chew Bubble Gum

In my first match of Ninjala, Gung-Ho Online Entertainment’s free-to-play brawler for the Switch, my baby Hatsune Miku-looking character smacked around my kid-sized competition with a giant bat made of bubble gum, beat-up random robots, was transformed into a pile of poop, and then exploded. I am not exactly sure…