Hollow Knight Silksong Has Been Rated In Australia

Hollow Knight Silksong Has Been Rated In Australia

Hollow Knight Silksong has been rated in Australia. In fact, it was rated in Australia a couple of weeks ago and I somehow managed to miss it.

As spotted by local legends VOOKS, the game appeared on the Australian Classification site a couple of weeks ago. The rating was published on April 2 via IARC (International Age Rating Coalition) rating tool.

Hollow Knight: Silksong received a PG rating in Australia, citing Mild Violence, which is the exact same rating as its predecessor.

The news of the game’s classification arrived just two days prior to its rating in Korea. I check the classifications every morning when I log on for the day, but even I can miss big names like this among the near-daily wave of mobile shovelware that Australian Classification must publish ratings for. (Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the hundreds and hundreds of SEO-gaming shovelware scam games get rated by Aus Classification every day).

Its classification in Korea was presaged by the arrival of the game’s official store page on Xbox only a few days earlier.

With this latest rating, a picture begins to emerge, that of several important administrative ducks being arranged in a row. The next question on everyone’s mind will be: Release Date When? That, for now, remains a mystery, though it feels like an announcement may be creeping ever nearer.

Could Silksong get trailer drop during one of the many Summer Game Fest press conferences? Surely there’d be a fight to secure such a bombshell — Nintendo has been partnered with Team Cherry on the game since it was originally announced. Xbox has a Day One Game Pass agreement and will want a look-in. I’m sure PlayStation would like the trailer for its pure prestige.

Anyway, we are once again asking everyone to Remain Calm.

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