Hollow Knight Silksong Has Been Rated In Korea, Please Remain Calm

Hollow Knight Silksong Has Been Rated In Korea, Please Remain Calm

Hollow Knight Silksong has been rated in Korea.

Ok. Ok. Everyone just chill out. Everybody just stay calm.

As spotted by VGC, which itself reported on a Resetera thread, it appears that Team Cherry’s anticipated Metroid-like sequel was rated in South Korea back in February and it simply flew under the radar until now. Its Korean rating shows classification officials rated it the equivalent of an Australian PG, suitable for players 12 years and over.

This news comes days after the game finally got a store page on Xbox, the last digital storefront to host the game. After its appearance on the Xbox Store started drawing attention, company president Sarah Bond took the opportunity to remind players that Silksong was coming to Game Pass on Day One.

Hollow Knight Silksong has been in development since at least 2017. In May last year, Team Cherry delayed the game from a planned 2023 launch and has not yet planted a flag on a new date.

Between this rating and the Xbox Store page, does it feel like there’s finally movement at the station? A little, yes. However, it’s worth remembering that a rating — even one from the Korean ratings board, which usually signals an imminent release date — does not mean a date is coming. Just look at Skull and Bones, which was rated in Australia almost a year before it actually got out the door.

For now, I’m urging we all just keep our Silksong hype meters set to Simmer. If anything else emerges, maybe it’s time to dial up the excitement. For now, let’s just stay seated and see how this plays out.

Image: Team Cherry, NBCUniversal

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