Remain Calm: Hollow Knight Silksong Suddenly Appears On Xbox Store

Remain Calm: Hollow Knight Silksong Suddenly Appears On Xbox Store

A store page for Hollow Knight: Silksong has finally appeared on the Xbox shop and it’s roundly causing some raised eyebrows. Could Adelaide’s Team Cherry finally be about to drop that long-awaited date? Are they just getting their ducks in a row and making sure the game has a store page on every platform? Are we just so fkn starved for Silksong news at this point that we’ll take literally anything?

‘Probably not’ to the first question. ‘Yes, definitely’ to the other two.

Hollow Knight: Silksong appearing on the Xbox Store closes a long-time loop for Team Cherry’s long-awaited sequel. It’s had a store page on the PlayStation, Steam, and Switch eShop for years. It even has a page on GOG. Xbox was the lone holdout, which was weird. There was no reason on earth for Silksong not to come to Xbox. Now, we have final confirmation that yes, it is. The store page lists Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC as the available platforms, and the ability to wishlist the game. Preorders are not yet live.

But why now? What was the holdup? Kotaku Australia has reached out to Xbox to see if they can shed a little light on the subject. I’ve also reached out to Team Cherry. I’ll update this piece if/when they come back to us. If we can offer a little clarity here, I’d like to.

Another interesting data point: the Xbox Store listing carries an Australian Classification rating of PG, citing Mild Themes. Here’s the thing, though: the game doesn’t have a rating in Australia yet. Trawling through the Classification pages for Hollow Knight and Silksong reveals a number of ratings for obviously fake games trying to squeeze SEO juice and fool people. Has Xbox been taken in by the fakes? Is this a prediction, a called shot on the most likely rating (the original was also rated PG)? Or do they know something we don’t? Time’s gonna tell, I suppose.

I love a day that starts with Silksong news, even if it’s just a tiny little tidbit. Just remembering this game is coming is enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the week.

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