Nintendo Goes Wild For Mario Day, Unveils Games, Movie Update

Nintendo Goes Wild For Mario Day, Unveils Games, Movie Update

It’s still March 10 in the US, which means Nintendo is still clear to participate in Mario Day (stylised as MAR10 Day). This year, the Big N has taken the day as an opportunity to reveal a stack of new Mario games and products. Below, you’ll find a list of everything Ninty’s had to talk about so far.

Lego Mario Kart

First cab off the rank, and it’s more of a teaser than anything super concrete. Nintendo says the next major Lego Super Mario set will be centred around Mario Kart and will drop in 2025. All we really get is a silhouette of the Lego kart and a teaser for next year, but it’s certainly something to look forward to.

Personally, I’d like to see Mario Kart sets on the level of the Lego Speed Champions kits — solid, multi-hour builds that don’t break the bank. I doubt that’s what this is, but a builder can dream.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Ninty then reconfirmed the release date for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch from May 23. I had fully forgotten about this, and maybe you had too.

Luigi’s Mansion 2

Nintendo then confirmed that Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will arrive on the Switch from June 27th. What had been a pretty quiet 2024 ahead for the Switch is starting to fill out. And just as well — if the rumours are to believed, this year could be the Switch’s last.

Super Mario Bros Movie 2 Update/Miyamoto Jump Scare

Then, out of nowhere, Shigeru Miyamoto himself apparently wrested control of the Nintendo Twitter account from the social media team. He used his moment in the spotlight to formally announce a sequel to The Super Mario Bros Movie is in production for release on April 3, 2026. “This time,” he says, “the staff at Illumination and Nintendo are working together.” What that means exactly, it’s hard to say. Hopefully, it means fewer randomly inserted 1980s pop songs.

More Mario Classics On Nintendo Switch Online

After this, Nintendo took a break for several hours, presumably to enjoy a bit of Super Mario Wonder. Then, it abruptly returned to announce three classic Game Boy titles coming to Nintendo Switch Online. They are Dr. Mario (Game Boy), and Mario Tennis and Mario Golf (both Game Boy Colour). All three of these titles will arrive on the service starting March 12 (but probably March 13 here in Aus, due to the time difference).

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