Green Bay Linebacker Played Dota 2 For Months Under Ridiculous Name

Blake Martinez of the Green Bay Packers not only tied forĀ leading the NFL in tackles this season, but also finds some time to play Dota 2 on the side. Though he currently plays under "Packernation50," Martinez told the story of his induction to the cult of Dota at yesterday's Captains Draft 4.0 tournament — including his first screenname.

A buddy of the linebacker's made an account for him, but there was one little problem: The account's name was "pussyfucker69."

"Literally for six months I didn't know I could change it," said Martinez. "So I had people at Stanford that were like, 'I heard you were playing Dota, what's your username?' For six months I was like, 'I don't know, I don't know my username, you should just give me yours.'"

A quick check of his DotaBuff history shows that, indeed, he once was Blake "pussyfucker69" Martinez. And he also has a 70.69 per cent win-rate as Luna, damn!


    Hope he was playing hard lane support with that real life experience.

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