Watch This Guy Accidentally Break A Tetris World Record

It's not every day you break a Tetris world record...

By accident.

But that's exactly what Jonas Neubauer (AKA NubbinsGoody) did, which makes sense because he's probably the world's best NES Tetris player.

Here's the deal, Jonas was actually attempting to break the world record for the fastest to 100 lines. He was doing pretty well until he kinda fucked up (by Tetris savant standards) and gave up. At that point he checked his Twitch comments to realise he was actually the first person to ever hit 300,000 points in under two minutes. Roughly 1 minute 57 seconds to be precise.

At which point he gets a little excited as you might expect.

Jonas even notes it two minutes into the video: "that was a fast 300,000" but it doesn't really register, since he's busy trying to hit another record.

To be honest it's just a pleasure to watch Tetris speed runners doing their thing in general. This shit is insane.

Congrats Jonas on your accidental world record!

Oh, and guess what, he ended up breaking the 100 lines record anyway.


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