Fortnite Pro Gets Fired After Saying He Would ‘Dare’ Suicidal People ‘To Do It’ [Updated]

Fortnite Pro Gets Fired After Saying He Would ‘Dare’ Suicidal People ‘To Do It’ [Updated]

Yesterday, partnered Twitch streamer and Fortnite pro Jordan “Scubby” Selleck said on a stream that if anyone he knew threatened suicide, “I would dare them to do it, and then I would never talk to them again.” (The topic came up after another Twitch streamer said she had been having suicidal ideations.)

Scubby also repeatedly decried anxiety as “fake”. Yesterday, his esports team HavoK Esports said that they had decided to “part ways with Scubby,” then linked to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Jordan “Scubby” Selleck (image via Twitter)

As a partnered streamer, Scubby enjoys several privileges, including a share of revenue from ads and subscribers. Last December, a Twitch rep told Kotaku that the service was looking to improve how they evaluate suicide threats sent to streamers from fans, and that the company’s current goal was to “stop promotion of content that can lead to suicide or self harm, which includes mitigating the risk of an individual being exposed to negative encouragement.”

It’s hard to see how “I would dare them to do it” doesn’t fall under “negative encouragement”.

Scubby has not streamed or tweeted since the incident, and at the time of this writing, his Twitter bio still says that he is a pro Fortnite player for HavoK Esports. Their Fortnite team captain posted today that the team is now seeking a new player.

We have reached out to HavoK Esports and Scubby to clarify whether he is still a part of the team, as well as to ask Scubby whether he has any follow-up to offer about his comments about mental health. HavoK Esports later confirmed that “JScubby is no longer affiliated with HavoK Esports, I’m sure we will be removed from his Twitter bio whenever he gets back on Twitter.”

We also reached out to Twitch to inquire about whether Scubby’s statements conflict with the community guidelines. We’ll update this post if and when Scubby, Twitch or HavoK respond further.

UPDATE 10 February 2018, 6:57AM AEDT: HavoK Esports has confirmed that “JScubby is no longer affiliated with HavoK Esports, I’m sure we will be removed from his Twitter bio whenever he gets back on Twitter.”

Jordan “Scubby” Selleck’s Twitch page has been deleted. He has uploaded a video to YouTube titled “I’m Sorry” in an attempt to “clarify” his statements. In the video, Scubby says he believes “depression and anxiety are very real”, but also that “suicide is an incredibly cowardly and selfish thing to do”.

In the second half of the video, Scubby says, “I will be taking some time off of Twitch to find some clarity… so when I come back, I can continue to do good on Twitch.”

In response to our inquiry about Scubby’s channel, a Twitch PR rep said via email today: “It has been addressed.” When asked whether Twitch had either suspended or banned Scubby’s account, the rep responded, “We don’t comment on terms of service violations.”

If depression is affecting you or someone you know, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


  • Wow what a fucking douche. Why would you ever admit to such a heartless thing? Maybe he is just soft in the head?

    • You must be living under a rock to not see this sort heartless behaviour all over the internet, the biggest example of all would be the current US president who demonstrates it constantly.

    • Just young and dumb, I’m sure he’ll understand one day when either he or someone he cares about experiences Anxiety or Depression. I obviously don’t wish it upon him but experience in dealing with is really the only way to get an understanding of it. I was somewhat the same (not as c@%tish) until I dated someone who suffered from it. He’ll come good eventually.

      • Being kicked from a professional esports team as well as losing his twitch income? I’d be surprised if he wasn’t already feeling anxiety.

  • what a loser, well unless he is actually a medical researcher during the day and plans to release many papers on the subject “why anxiety is fake”, something tells me he is just another streamer in love with his own ego and view count

  • Seems unfair to me.

    It sucks we live in a world where people can’t have opinions or make mistakes without getting fired and smeared in the media.

    He sounds like a dickhead and i disagree witu him but the mob is out of control.

    • he is talking about mental health. there is no room for ‘opinion’ there. Unless he is a qualified medical professional. I am guessing, just off the top of my head, he is not even remotely close to being one.

      Settle, there is no mob, other than the mob idiots who use the term SJW, scared of others who are capable of thinking about complicated issues with the respect and understanding they deserve. Freedom of speech in America does not mean freedom to say whatever you want without repercussions, especially when (like this example) he is an employee and the employer, rightfully so, understands and respects the line he crossed. And took action.

      Thats the price of earning a good wage in a professional team, as opposed to personally streaming. He would of been bound to a code of conduct, he broke it. It has nothing to do with a mob. Its a contractor dispute.

      • “Settle, there is no mob, other than the mob idiots who use the term SJW”
        Yeah nah.
        Theres mobs on both sides, to think otherwise is looking at things with only one eye.

        But you are right about freedom of Speech, people are finally understanding that freedom of speech isnt freedom from consequences.
        Interesting times.

        P.S. As someone who has a few mental illnesses, That twitcher can get in the bin.

  • yet another attention seeking clueless vacant headed ‘streamer’.

    good on them if they can monitise their content but man, the clowns like this dipshit they are worthless people.

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