One Of Doctor Who's Most Underrated Doctors Is Getting His Own Comic 

The Seventh Doctor has always had a bit of a bad rap. As the incumbent Doctor for the end of the "Classic" era of Doctor Who, much is put upon Sylvester McCoy's Time Lord that is a bit undeserved. The Seventh Doctor has had a long life in audio dramas and novels since then, but now he's also getting his own comic too.

Image: Titan Comics. Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #1 cover art by Chris Jones

We can exclusively reveal that Titan's latest Doctor Who miniseries will be The Seventh Doctor, from Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch, with art and colours by Christopher Jones and Marco Lesko, respectively. Cartmel and Aaronovitch, of course, have a long history with the Seventh Doctor - Cartmel was Doctor Who's showrunner during McCoy's tenure on the series, as well as the writer of several novels and audio dramas featuring the character. Meanwhile, Aaronovitch's TV writing career began with the Seventh Doctor's era of Who, penning both "Remembrance of the Daleks" and "Battlefield" for McCoy's Time Lord.

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor interior artwork by Chris Jones. Not Final Art.

A three-part miniseries, The Seventh Doctor will see the titular Time Lord - and his steadfast companion Ace, played by Sophie Aldred on the show - face a mysterious alien threat that has entered the Earth's orbit, a spate of attacks on astronauts, and even aliens showing up in the Australian interior. Sounds like the sort of action you'd just want the Doctor to be checking in on, really! Check out a few more covers below, making their debut here:

Cover art by Will Brooks

Cover art by Chris Jones

Cover art by Simon Myers

Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor #1 is set to hit store shelves in June 2018.


    So awesome that Ben Aaronovitch is involved. Maybe we'll finally get that sequel (prequel?) to Battlefield!

    7th Doctor = best doctor.

    The final season of the classic series has some of the best Doctor Who stories ever. Ghost Light, Curse of Fenric and Survival are all classic Who at its finest.

    Happiness patrol.

    Always my equal favourite (with Tom Baker, obvs) - a special place in my heart will always exist for Paradise Towers and Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

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