Rainbow Six: Siege Invitationals End In Tense Overtime

The 2018 Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational came to a close today, with Evil Geniuses and Penta Sports vying for the title of world champion. EG got off to an early 2-0 lead, but a resilient Penta turned the tables, going back and forth until the teams found themselves in the final rounds of overtime.

Though the Evil Geniuses had a strong showing early, Penta rebounded in the later maps, thanks to a strategy using the shield-toting Montagne to confound EG's defence. Reversing the advantage, the final map saw the teams tied 2-2 and headed into extra rounds.

After a defuser plant went south for Penta, Pengu was left the sole member against two EG players attempting to smash the defuser. In a few moments, the title would be decided.

Penta denied the EG members their repeat Invitational win, and hoisted the big ol' hammer trophy over their heads.


    Sledge's hammer really is the coolest trophy and the invitational was really awesome event this year.

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