The Hazard Of Being A Virtual Character On YouTube 

[Image: のらきゃっとチャンネル]

This is the year that virtual anime girls have invaded YouTube. If there's one hazard of being a virtual anime girl YouTuber, it's the chance that a tech snafu will reveal that you are, in fact, not an anime girl.

Norakyatto, a virtual anime cat girl YouTuber, was among those Kotaku featured last month.

[Image: 情報速報ドットコム]

But as Girls Channel and Afternoon News report, a glitch in a recent Norakyatto stream revealed the person behind the virtual anime girl for a brief second, with a tweet of the incident going viral.

This image has been edited. [Image: 情報速報ドットコム]

On Twitter, some joked that this was just "the producer," implying that he was separate from the virtual anime girl. Others noted that this wasn't a surprise, and they were actually relieved to learn that Norakyatto was an older dude.


    It's a very fitting in a way as most anime girls are the creations of dudes.

    Please tell me the artificial voice also cracked put, going from high pitched to extremely deep.

      No, it turns out that the voice, at least, was actually his real voice all along.

    My reality is shattered forever. Next you'll be telling me that Bart Simpson isn't actually voiced by a male.

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