Where Manga Is Destroyed To Make Toilet Paper

Ever wonder what happens to unwanted manga? Here, it gets torn into pieces to make toilet paper.

Images: rereibara

Manga artist Rensuke Oshikiri recently visited a warehouse publisher Kodansha manages. (Full disclosure: My first two books were published by former subsidiary Kodansha International.)

The warehouse holds returned and defective manga volumes. Workers feed the manga volumes into a shredder, with, as Oshikiri explains, "their fate being recycled into toilet paper".

Oshikiri added that some of his manga were also included in the recycling bin.

"As you'd expect, there were [other] ones that touched my soul, and I thought that manga creators and people in the publishing business should come one time to see this sight with their own eyes."


    My toilet paper can't possibly be this cute?

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