Square Enix Creates A New Studio Headed Up By Final Fantasy 15’s Director

Square Enix Creates A New Studio Headed Up By Final Fantasy 15’s Director

The studio is called Luminous Productions. It will be headed up by Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy 15. According to Square Enix, it will primarily develop AAA games as well as new and unique entertainment experiences.

Screenshot: Square Enix

Tabata will be the studio boss as well as the Chief Operating Officer, and the studio aims to make new games for a global audience.

Square Enix’s official announcement (via 4Gamer) adds that the studio’s original core members will be comprised of FF15 team members. An announcement will be made in mid-2018 regarding the studio’s new project.

Currently, Luminous Productions’ website has slogans that might shed further light on its philosophy.

Square Enix Creates A New Studio Headed Up By Final Fantasy 15’s Director

Screenshot: Square Enix

Square Enix Creates A New Studio Headed Up By Final Fantasy 15’s Director

Screenshot: Square Enix


  • I thought Type 0 terrible and Final Fantasy 15 worse, but I wish Tabata well. He always seemed like a great AAA director, just bad at comprimising for the low power of the psp and unable to save the train wreck of 15 in the unreasonably short time he had to do so, and every leak that spoiled 15 being terrible mentioned the staff adored Tabata and felt bad about the situation he was forced into.

  • I’ve just recently been playing FF15 and to be honest, I don’t get the praising of that team, not even remotely enough to consider giving them their own studio. Maybe working on non-FF projects will allow them to put a little more effort in.

    • Really? The game has its flaws, but I think the development team worked their arses off.

      The extra dungeons and superbosses, the two regalia versions, the boat, the completely different gameplay styles of the DLC characters, and the minigames would’ve taken a crapload of effort for something a lot of people wouldn’t have seen. The royal edition also did a ton of stuff that I love. The PC port was good, too, which gives them major points in my book

    • FFXV is an excellent game with a lot of heart that is only really let down by scale. Tabata has experience across all platforms and the new studio is being spun out to give that team a chance to try new things. This is a good move.

      Also saying FFXV didn’t have enough effort put into it is fucking ludicrous. If anything it is overproduced.

    • You can actually see how much was put into development and story and how much was taken out to meet the original release too.

      Do you think with not enough effort they are able to make such a huge game? They weren’t given enough time to wrap up the game. The last half of the game was cut short because of it which Tabata is trying to fill in the gaps with all the patches so that it will at least have the story that is envisioned.

      That is why we getting at least 2 more DLC this year. Episode ardyn and episode lunafreya.

  • Well lets just hope the director can lead on other games better than the appearing rush job that is FF15.

    Now, granted I have not patched the game at all since release so it may be better now…

    For a FF game though it really was lack luster. So much so I stopped playing around 15 hours. Pretty telling when I have played all other Final Fantasy games to completion.

  • AKA “These are the only guys in Square who know how to use the Luminous Engine since the rest of Square Enix are using Unreal 4”

    For real though i really liked FFXV so i’m very interested in what they do next.

  • I’m excited to get my hands on Lunar of Tribulation 6.43Ω: Defenestration of the Pragmatic Seal – Prologue: Cardinal Sin Edition in late 2034!

  • Nice to see Tabata will be able to have the studio and hopefully time needed to fully produce an amazing triple AAA game without the limitations of portable hardware or being thrust into the mess of a game production. Considering how well he did saving FFXV from total destruction and doom, especially with the limited time constrain he was supposedly given, its good that Square are giving him the chance at making a game for the company. Whether it’s the sequel to Type-0 or the tech demo of Agni’s Philosophy, if he can incorporate the best parts of FFXV to his next game then it will be quite impressive.

  • Final Fantasy XV is easily the best Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy VI so I’m pretty okay with this.

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