White House Says Trump Will Meet With 'Members Of The Video Game Industry' Next Week

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The White House today said that President Donald Trump will meet with executives from the video game industry to talk about violent games, a reaction to last month's shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead.

"He'll also be meeting with members of the video game industry to see what they can do on that front as well," said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a press briefing this afternoon, when asked about the president's policy on guns.

It's not clear who Trump plans to meet. One person familiar with executive-level matters in the video game industry, who asked not to be named, told Kotaku this was the first that they or anyone they had spoken to had heard of this meeting.

This is the second time the White House has linked the Parkland shooting to video games, following Trump's comments last week.

The video game industry's lobbyist group, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), did not immediately respond to a call and email requesting comment.


    If Trump needs the advice of Big Ant Studio, who specialise in Cricket games, then swing on through.

    From what I’ve read and heard, it seems like guns are sold like pills there. Easy money for those with investments in those fields. Lucky them... but not for the common people.

    I mean, if he's willing to piss off everybody equally, that's probably a good thing, right? If all parties feel like they've lost out, but the goal of reducing shootings is achieved, that's actually effective compromise.

    I'm looking forward to many Tweets explaining that his dad works at Nintendo.

    It's not clear who Trump plans to meet. It is quite clear, he is meeting with the video game executives.

      "It's not clear who Trump plans to meet. One person familiar with executive-level matters in the video game industry, who asked not to be named, told Kotaku this was the first that they or anyone they had spoken to had heard of this meeting."

      That makes it pretty clear that no one knows exactly which individuals he plans to meet. The Video Game Executives is not a recognised organisation.

      Last edited 02/03/18 9:50 am

        Righto Mr. politically correct I was just being a smart arse :P, but each to their own.

          Ahhhh do you know what political correctness means? It's not the same as simply correct. He could be meeting with virtually any rep or any company.

    He'll just need someone to explain to him why he'll be talking to some guys in suits instead of an Italian plumber in overalls & a yellow circle that eats dots.

    Of note. The Whitehouse has not called on the NRA or the Gun Industry to come in and explain why assault weapons are easier to get than healthcare in the country.

    Shooting real guns will be easier thsn shooting fake guns.

    1980s called and is blaming violent movies.

    1970s called and is blaming heavy metal for violence, it be the devils music.

    Now if we can get Trump to blame loot boxes with some fake news trickery we would be free from the real evil in video games.

      Well of course he didn't call on the NRA. It would be a conflict of interest after they gave his buddy Ajit Pai an award (Which was a rifle) for "saving the internet and fighting for American people's right to free speech"...

    The solution is easy, the ESA needs to match the NRA dollar for dollar in campaign funding... start a bidding war lets see how corruptable the C**** Hill is.

    Good, maybe they will show him the studies proving it doesn't cause violence and another elderly person will be more informed

      Trump sees the reports, looks at his notepad reads a prewritten comment like "Thanks for clarifying this for me and we will work together on this"

      One hour later and advisor reminds him the NRA paid for his election, silicon valkey hates him, video game industry is in cohoots wit Facebook Goigle and fake news, that guns support steel and manufacturing industry (his shiney tarriffs)... and be will Twitter Rae and blast the ESA for giving him fake news and wasting his time and says all video games are to be taxed so he can bu teachers handguns

      What is it about Trumps behaviour over the last 14 months (and the prior 70-ish years) that makes you think he gives a single shit about studies and evidence?

      He is the most purely opinion oriented person I've ever seen - and that opinion will change radically, depending on who he is talking to, the time of day, and the direction the wind is blowing.

      ...or were you joking?

    Besides the fact that this whole "violent video games = shooting" is BS, it's funny that that they blame school shootings on video games that are meant to be played by adults if we follow the ratings. Maybe parenting has something to do with it. Maybe.

    Last edited 02/03/18 11:06 am

      A few weeks ago he did suggest that there should be some type of rating system for entertainment. Not even joking.

        He'll probably take credit for it when he discovers it's already a thing :,)

    $50 says one of those "video game industry" people will be Jack Thompson.

    It's probably just a meeting for Trump to tell them about a new law he's just signed off on banning all weapons in all games, because clearly that's to blame for mass shootings in America.
    Just like all the mass shootings in every other country where people play the same games but don't have ready access to guns... oh, wait.

    I think he'll find a lot of his supporters are 30 + something males who play a lot of call of duty and madden.
    If he wants to burn his own bridge go for it I guess?

    I doubt he will get a chance for the meeting after trying to kill American manufacturing today by adding tariffs to steel imports.

    Someone just needs to convince trump that Lootboxes are a huge danger to children and that EA should have the star wars licence removed from them for the good of America.

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