Donald Trump Announces Successful Delivery Of Fictional Call Of Duty Fighter Jet

Donald Trump Announces Successful Delivery Of Fictional Call Of Duty Fighter Jet

President Donald Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, in Washington. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced a delivery of F-52 fighter jets to Norway as a gesture to bolster defence in Northern Europe. There’s only one problem: the F-52 is a fictional plane from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

President Trump made the announcement on Wednesday during a conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, claiming that the United States started delivering the fictional aircraft, along with the very real Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, to Norway last November.

“In November we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets,” Trump said. “We have a total of 52 and they have delivered a number of them already a little ahead of schedule.”

The use of the F-52 designation can most likely be attributed to a verbal slip, not a late-night gaming habit, as the president read from a prepared statement. Players control an F-52, which does not exist in real life, during the “Throttle” mission of Advanced Warfare‘s single-player campaign.

The mission tasks players with attacking villain Jonathan Irons’ rogue PMC forces in “New Baghdad.” Ironically, Jonathan Irons is played by the now-disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, best known for playing House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood, a fictional president who does play Call of Duty.

When contacted by the Washington Post, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not return comment on the matter or confirm whether Trump is secretly the world’s most powerful Call of Duty fan.


    • Would Hillary do any better? I mean, this guy was spouting outlandish bullshit daily during the campaign and she still lost to him. How do you do that?

      • She got more votes, but they use some stupid electoral college system where winning regions is more important. Some regions are worth more than others.

        • That kind of makes sense. Otherwise you’d totally ignore the smaller regions and just offer to fix everything in Cali or somewhere with the most votes.

        • She got more votes, but they use some stupid electoral college system where winning regions is more important.
          In fairness a similar rule applies in our system – The prime minister doesn’t win by the number of votes, we vote for the leader of our electorate and the party with a majority of eloctorates forms Government (simple version anyway).

          Their system is a bit worse though as where our electorates are drawn up based on population density (some electorates are much larger geographically than others so they have around the same amount of people in them), in the USA they simply use States. To compensate for populations, they give slightly more ‘votes’ to states with higher populations but they also give a reasonable amount of minimum votes to all states – including the least populated. This ends up extremely unbalanced where the smallest states constantly swing entire elections.

      • Thats the same argument as how can a musician be talented if he is less popular than Justin Bieber.

      • “Would Hillary do any better?” What kind of stupid question is that? ANYBODY could do better than Trump. I could do better than Trump and I’m not even an American! Trump is quite likely the worst democratically-elected leader in history, incapable of doing ANYTHING right and a genuinely godawful excuse for a human being, and the fact that he got elected anyway is nothing more than an indictment of what a terrible country full of terrible people America is, nothing more.

      • Yes. There is no reality where the answer is not yes, she would. The second question can also be easily answered, the dumb vastly outnumber the intelligent.

        • They made a movie about America did’t they? What was it called………..Oh yeah Idiocracy! Mic dropped.

      • She was also the wrong candidate. You counter Trump with Sanders not a scandelous idiot.

        • If you’re going to call someone an idiot, you might want to start by not misspelling ‘scandalous’

      • There are several reasons. One of the many I like to mention is that a huge swath of people who were anti-Trump but not particularly pro-Clinton were so sure that the “buffoon” could never possibly win that they didn’t vote. The vote abstention was almost record-breaking. In the meantime, you can bet that every single pro-Trump voter was up and ready that day.

        The lesson is, never let your guard down.

  • I wish if he was going to deliver something fictional to reality it would be hovertanks or mechsuits.

    • There’s more flatulence than brain in that man’s head, and every time he reveals it it deserves to be broadcast.

    • You’re totally right.
      We should instead be focusing on the fact that he’s ignorant, bigoted, and educationally subnormal.

      • Not to mention the benighted, narcissistic and hedonistic traits.

        All the qualities we love to see in leaders. /s

      • Well, lets be honest, El Salvador, Haiti and parts of Africa are terrible places to live. Places that are constantly in civil war, corrupt and non-functioning governments, poverty, high levels of crime. These places are S**tholes! Nobody, including their own civilians really want to live there. So he’s kinda not wrong in his statement.

        • Because things like diplomacy and tact don’t matter when you represent your country on the global scene, right?

          • The definitely matter, but in the same aspect he’s also the first president to talk like a normal human instead of talking like an aristocrat. His actions haven’t affected our country or any of us personally outside of causing a debate on the term s**thole.

            I enjoy people being triggered on this issue, I don’t see anyone raising their hand to go on a holiday to Haiti or get a temporary visa for Africa.

  • At the risk of defending the clown, this one is easy to understand. The deal was 52 F-35 jets. It’s either a simple slip of the tongue or whoever wrote his speech made a typo.

  • I actually think President Trump may have on set Alzheimer’s which could explain why he has difficulty drinking from cups and the limited vocabulary. If you watch videos of him 20 years ago he was much more articulate. I think they need to take a proper look at his health and do what is right by him. if he is a moron then I blame the people using him as a puppet. If he is actually sick then shame on the people using him and those making fun of him. Sad!

    • Whether he has Alzheimers or not he’s still a morally repugnant, repulsive excuse for a human being. That’s not a result of a mental illness, that’s the kind of person he CHOOSES to be.

  • Why does this feel like a “boy that cried wolf” situation? You keep banging on about every single little forgivable slip the guy does, people get used to that. Then when we talk about the actual bad, unforgivable things he does, nobody cares because they’re used to the media whinging about all his inconsequential things.

    • People willing to ignore major faults because the media covers minor faults are looking for excuses. Don’t pretend that him slipping up saying F-52 will make anyone with half a brain ignore the fact he’s trying to deport immigrant children who’ve done nothing wrong.

        • My reply directly addressed the point lambomang raised, what makes you think it’s a straw man?

          • There are a few Trump apologists (read, propaganda spewers) such as Scott “Dilbert” Adams who are teaching the uneducated masses of Trump supporters disingenuous uses of high-level discourse words such as “strawman” and “cognitive dissonance” to try to appear cultured when they randomly pop up in comment threads to defend Trump, like our niomo friend here. They’re basically used as “I don’t like your argument, I don’t have a real, factual counterargument, so here’s a big word that will confuse you, giving me the intellectual high ground”.

          • It’s sad that that doesn’t surprise me, I mostly try to avoid Trump’s bandwagon defenders. I guess it’s fortunate that I do know what all those logic terms mean.

  • Seriously, it was clearly a slip of the tongue. Obama once said he had campaigned in all 57 states of the US – does that mean he is clearly a moron/alzheimers etc? Of course not.

    Its banging on and on about irrelevant stuff like this that means people become desensitized to actually important things reported about Trump.

    • Yes, but in this case it’s somewhat funny because you can go “LOL, no wonder he acts like a twelve year old! It’s because he plays too much COD!” Well, that and the fact that he’s a severe narcissist with absolute no self-control or morals, and it’s entirely feasible that he’s suffering from a mental illness.

      I don’t think banging on and on about Trump is desensitizing people to Trump, it’s the fact that the people who are responsible for doing something to stop someone who is so flagrantly unfit for office continue to do nothing about it because they’re too obsessed with maintaining power to do the right thing both for their country and the world.

  • Maybe he knows something we don’t.
    Maybe he CAN make fictional things real.

    Maybe, through the power of the 45th President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump, just maybe…

    …you can finally be with your waifu.
    (Or husbando, I ain’t judging)

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