Final Fantasy 15 Is Never, Ever Going To End

Final Fantasy 15 Is Never, Ever Going To End

Today at PAX East, Square Enix released this image (via ResetEra), proving definitively and thoroughly that Final Fantasy 15 will never end thanks to downloadable content that’s currently planned through mid-2019.

First up is Episode Ardyn, then Episode Aranea, then Episode Luna, then Episode Noctis, then Episode Bahamut, then Episode That Guy Who Looks Like Hurley, then Episode Cup Noodles. I only made up the last three. Will Final Fantasy 15, announced in 2006 and released in 2016, go on for another 10 years? Probably.


  • So my plan to play this through again after all the updates was pointless? I’ll leave it another year and a half then!

  • You really think they’re going to drop it anytime soon? 10 years and oh, oh-so much money sunk into it I’ll be surprised if we see FF16 and it not be a sequel re-using all the assets of this one.

    The amount of effort, money and time put into this, with the need now to get every cent they can get out of it, really makes it pitiful how bad the actual game was, Final Fantasy used to be my favourite game series for over a decade and I couldn’t even get past 2 hours into Final Fantasy 15. Disappointing.

  • Comrades fell a little short, but I would keep playing it if they managed to flesh it out in to something a bit more solid.

  • But just look at all those filler arc side-stories that won’t fix the main game’s issues! Doesn’t that excite you?!

    … Yeah, me neither.

    • No you aren’t the only one. I logged in to post something similar. Their dedication to a pretty mediocre game is interesting.

  • Game wasnt bloody finished though at launch was it, so they better damn keep supporting the game and adding in more content

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