First Look At The Studio Ghibli Theme Park's Official Concept Art

Image: Aichi, Ghibli

As previously reported, a Studio Ghibli theme park is in the works. It was originally planned for 2020, but it's now pencilled in for 2022. Here is a look at what to possibly expect.

Ghibli Park will be located on a 200-hectare plot of land on which the 2005 World's Fair was held near Nagoya, Japan.

The focus will be on bringing Studio Ghilbi to life in a way that allows parkgoers to also enjoy nature.

According to NHK, the main gate should remind park goers of 19th-century structures out of Howl's Moving Castle (top image) as well as a recreation of Whisper of the Heart's antique shop.

Via Aichi Prefecture, other areas include:

Image: Aichi, Ghibli

Image: Aichi, Ghibli

The Big Ghibli Warehouse, which is filled with all sorts of Ghibli themed play areas as well as exhibition areas and small cinemas.

Image: Aichi, Ghibli

Princess Mononoke Village.

Image: Aichi, Ghibli

Witch Valley, which will feature attractions for Howl's Moving Castle and Kiki's Delivery Service.

Image: Aichi, Ghibli

Dondoko Forest, which is Totoro themed. The area takes its name from the "dondoko dance" Mei and Satsuki do with Totoro.

This area is already home to the house from My Neighbour Totoro, which was built for the 2005 World's Fair.


    This is going to be amazing. Getting into the Ghibli museum in Tokyo can take months.

    Besides, Aichi needs all the tourism help it can get.

    I need to eat some Ghibli food! And visit the Kiki's Delivery Service bakery!

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